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Welcome to Damn Good Popcorn!

Posted by Kay Baxter on

Welcome to our website! Please be patient with us while we get all the gourmet popcorn flavors uploaded. We are happy to make custom popcorn flavors and colors. Just shoot us an email to

Russ and I are very passionate about making great popcorn. We use the highest quality popcorn and ingredients like pure vanilla, butter and sugar. 


  • This is a pretty great post. I’ve been thinking of starting a blog on this subject myself. Any tips or anything you would recommend that I to avoid?

    Charidy on

  • Love the popcorn made in Newark. The shop is a throwback and the entire family is just awesome. Cant wait till the next roadtrip east!!

    Cindi Goza on

  • The best popcorn ever made! Made with love, flavor & fun by an awesome family!! Stop in, say hello and order your favor flavor. Enjoy!!

    Lisa Black on

  • Yes we can make you low sodium popcorn! Just shoot us an email or phone call

    Kay Baxter on

  • Do you have a very low sodium bag?

    Samantha Petty on

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